Disability Advocate Training

About Us

 Disability Associates, Inc., is the disability advocate training program of choice for scores of people across the country. Certified by the U.S. Social Security Administration, Disability Associates teaches individuals how to obtain Social Security benefits for those in need and create a self-sustaining business from home. With no advanced education or technical skills required, anybody can become a disability advocate. The company currently has two basic self-paced disability advocate training packages available: the Economy Basic Program and the Professional Basic Training Program. The Economy Basic Program provides the informational materials and training software needed to become a disability advocate. However, those searching for more support in the disability advocate training process may want to consider investing in the Professional Basic package, which includes professional software, marketing materials, and access to a customer referral service. In addition, Disability Associates’ Executive Package includes everything in the Professional Basic Program as well as the company’s Office Suite software. Individuals who choose the Executive Program for their disability advocate training can also opt for membership in a mentoring program for a full year. Boasting a success rate of more than 90 percent, the non-attorney representatives who have utilized Disability Associates’ comprehensive disability advocate training resources average more than $2,000 per case and can make up to $6,000 at a time. Learn more about these disability advocate training packages and more at www.ssaconsultants.com.

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